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The Writing On The Wall

Feb 08 2012

Last year, before the wonder of Pinterest was introduced to my life, I was searching the web for nursery inspiration. I noticed that a lot of people are using those wall quote decals in their nursery’s. At first I thought they were kind of tacky, but I quickly grew to like them, then love them. Sooner or later I had to have one. The only problem was that I had my heart set on something unique, something…custom. I was thrilled to find out that you can actually have custom wall quotes printed, then completely un-thrilled when I saw that it would cost over $100.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and just paint the quote onto the wall. Of course, this is easier said then done – but after some trial and error, and some help from the hubby, I managed to get it done.

The photo is what our diaper station looked like before Caleb was born. This is what it looks like 6 months later, if you’re interested. Anyway, above the changing table is the finished wall quote. Total cost = free (we already had craft paint and brushes). So how did we do it?

First we designed the layout of the wall quote on the computer and printed it in poster format to the exact size that we wanted it. This involved taping about twenty 8.5X11 sheets of printer paper together.

After that, we transferred it onto the wall. There are a few simple steps involved in doing that:

  • Tape the poster to the wall where you want it.
  • Scribble all over the back of a piece of paper with a soft drawing pencil (6B or softer is ideal).
  • With the scribble side facing the wall, slide the paper between the poster and the wall.
  • Working in sections, trace the design through the “transfer paper” and onto the wall.


Once the design was transferred to the wall, I just filled in the letters with brown paint, and erased the pencil marks that you could still see from the transfer paper (after the paint dried!).

When all was said and done, the project was actually pretty easy, but time consuming. Even though I know we’ll be painting over it in a few years when we either decide to change the room decor or try to sell the house, I’m so glad that we took the time to do it!


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