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Our School Room

We are fortunate to have enough extra space in our home to have a dedicated school room. It is absolutely not necessary to have a school room in order to homeschool, and for one reason or another, many people prefer not to have one. You can homeschool at your dining room table, or even on the couch!

The photo above features our custom made school table. My husband put the table top together using a 4’x8′ piece of melamine from Home Depot. He cut it down to 4’x4′ and used some of the scrap for the wall mounted desk that is featured below. We were able to purchase iron-on edging in order to give the table a finished look. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this edging, but it has held up surprisingly well. The legs are simple 2’x4’s that are bracketed directly onto the underside of the table. We purposely placed the table legs 1′ in towards the center of the table to allow the chairs to roll around the corners without having to pull them out in order to navigate around them. It also allowed us to slide a cubby unit right under the front of the table. The chairs are Ikea Jules childrens desk chairs. We do not have an Ikea near us, but we were able to order these and have them shipped to our house.

This is just a view of the room from the other side of the table. I will go into some detail about the book racks and magnet board below.

Above is a magnet board that my husband custom built. He simply screwed a piece of sheet metal to a 1″x4″ frame.  We screwed the entire board directly into the wall studs, added some basic hooks, and small buckets that I purchased from the dollar spot at target. The calendar is an adhesive wall calendar that I also found at the Target dollar spot.

These “book racks” are actually spice racks that I ordered from Ikea. I used a brush to paint these white, and I have regretted it ever since, because you can see the brush marks. I would recommend spray painting these, if you choose to paint them.

Above is a custom desk that my husband put together using some of the scrap melamine from the table. He mounted the desk top to a frame that is attached directly to the wall. I caulked the back where the desk meets the wall for a clean, finished look. The file cabinet was originally brown, but I spray painted it to match the rest of the room. Again, I was unsure of how this would hold up, but it’s been nearly two years at this point, and it hardly has a scratch on it.

We use workboxes in our homeschool as it keeps each subject organized and helps us to see at a quick glance what we have finished and what still needs to be done. Each drawer has a piece of velcro stuck to it, with a corresponding “done” tag that can be stuck on to it.

The Ikea spice racks do a great job of getting the router up off the floor as well!