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Check Out Our Melted Crayon Art

Feb 28 2018

How We Made Melted Crayon Art

One of the first projects that we ever attempted to do in our homeschool combined art and science as we observed the sun’s ability to melt crayons.  First, we chose a piece of good, sturdy drawing paper that we already had in our schoolroom. A piece of canvas would have worked nicely, but we decided to use materials that we already had on hand to save some money. Next, we simply taped a variety of different colored crayons to the top of the paper with the tips pointing down. After that, we brought it outside and set it in the sun. We found that laying it down flat melted the crayons faster. Eventually the crayons started to turn to liquid, so we held the paper upright and watched the wax pour down the page to create our melted crayon art!

Melted Crayon Art

Other Methods

I have heard of people using a hair dryer on crayons for a similar effect. To be honest, it probably comes out better because you have more control over the melting and dripping. If you are simply trying to create a beautiful and unique work of art, then you might want to try going that route. If you would like your children to also gain an understanding of the amount of heat that the sun can produce, then try leaving it out in the sun.

Overall, we found this project to be very easy and satisfying. After removing the crayons from the sun, they dried quickly, and we hung the finished art on our schoolroom wall to enjoy for years to come.


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