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Hooray for Hoopla!

Mar 09 2018

Hi there! I just want to take a quick moment to recommend Hoopla! Hoopla is a public library service that allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, digital movies, music, comics and TV shows right on your device of choice. We have only used Hoopla for audiobooks, so that is what I am specifically recommending it for.

I spend a lot of time driving the kids around town, and this service has enabled us to make excellent use of that time. Right from my phone, I can choose a new book to start listening to, or pick up right where we left off on the last one. I use an audio cable to connect the headphone jack directly into the car’s stereo system, and play the book right from the app. It’s incredibly easy to use, but the best part about it is that it’s FREE!

When choosing a book to listen to, you can browse through titles:

Or you can search for a specific book or series:

When I look back on all of the books that we have listened to using Hoopla this year, I can honestly say that there is absolutely no way that I would have been able to find the time or energy to read them all aloud. I can say without a doubt that Hoopla has enhanced our learning and made our car rides much more enjoyable.

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