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Hello and welcome to the Winrow family blog! I’m Donna and I am the one who typically writes the entries while my husband Bryan helps to inspire the content. We met in 2007 at a church in the Catskills and started dating less than a year later. We got engaged a year after that, married the year after that, and had Caleb a year after that. We sure do like to keep things nice and orderly!


Our family is unique because two out of three of us are officially on the autism spectrum. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 28, and Caleb was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – level 2 (moderate) at 2 years old. The cards are still out on Bryan though. He’s a quirky engineer, but we don’t know for sure what that means (although we have a couple of good guesses).

Caleb ball

 All in all, we’re a pretty normal looking family, but we do have to go about things a little bit differently then your average family might. For starters, Caleb attends an inclusive special needs preschool program where he works with a 1:1 aide and receives occupational, physical and speech therapy throughout the day. We enjoy family outings and even socializing (to an extent), but we do have to limit our time in these environments as to not become overwhelmed by them. Timers, spreadsheets, charts and calendars are a big part of our lives, and sensory breaks are a regular occurrence in our home. All three of us often bore each other to tears while monologuing about our special interests. You’ll also see plenty of stimming, and even the occasional melt down. But, when all is said and done, I’m still a stay at home mom who spends my days doing chores and cooking while my kid is at preschool and my hubby is off winning bread (gluten free bread, of course).

This blog is simply about our lives. There’s a lot of autism stuff in there, but there’s more to us than that, so I write about those things too. Hope you enjoy it!


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