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You May Now…Eat Some Chocolate

Nov 18 2011

Our wedding day was easily the best day of my life before Caleb was born. How could it not be? It meant that I would become permanently joined at the hip to my best friend for the rest of my life! Our wedding took place in the foot hills of the Catskill Mountains, somewhat in between my relatives, Bryan’s relatives and our friends who are are all scattered across New York State. It was a good compromise, even though planning was difficult from 4 hours away.

If you haven’t guessed from the title of this entry, we decided on a chocolate theme. This was partly because brown is my favorite “color” and because we both love to eat chocolate together! Also, we took it upon ourselves to save some money by “DIY’ing” the save the dates magnets, favors (which doubled as centerpieces), pocket fold invitations, escort candy bars, programs, thank you cards and even the flowers!

The ceremony was led by Tony Raiola, my former home group host from when I was in college. It took place in front of a white gazebo while our friend Fil gently strummed “All creatures of our God and king” on his guitar. More then one of the guests commented later on that it was the most beautiful ceremony they’ve been to, so I know that it wasn’t just me imagining it!

The reception was full of fun and dancing. Interestingly, Bryan’s old (but actually quite young) high school vice principal is a DJ on the side, so we managed to book him for the reception. Of course, in addition to the chocolate escort bars and chocolate centerpiece/favors, we had to have a chocolate bar 😉

At the end of the day, I was able to look back and know in my heart that my wedding was all that I could have ever dreamed that it would be (and look forward to spending the next week in the Bahamas!).

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